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Skim screen, bromine float and chemical on top of an outdoor hot tubSwimming pools and hot tubs require regular maintenance to keep the water sparkling clean and safe to use. Even during the off-season, the water requires a degree of care and the equipment needs protecting to ensure it’s ready to use the following season. Consider some of the top cleaning and maintenance tips for swimming pool and hot tubs. At Valley Spas & Pools, we provide advice and regular maintenance for all types of equipment.  

Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance

Clean water safeguards against costly damage to your pool’s hardware, pump, and even the liner. It also protects against algae, mold, and debris that can cause health issues. The main job of the pool filter is to keep the water circulating to prevent the buildup of contaminants.

Because the average turnover rate for a pool pump is six to 10 hours, keep your filter running at least eight hours a day to fully cycle through all the water in the pool once. The longer you run the filter the better. Also, nighttime is the best time to run the filter because some electric companies charge lower rates at night than during the day.

For larger particles, use a skimmer or a net to scoop out the particles that are too big to move through the filter. You can also run an automatic vacuum to scrub the bottom of the pool before you get in. Perform routine testing to determine the proper amount of chemicals. 

Keeping A Hot Tub Running

Like swimming pools, hot tubs stay cleaner when you run the filter regularly. Some models have automatic circulation schedules to keep the water refreshed. Scrub the surfaces of the tub with white vinegar to keep the shell free from scum and dirt. Also, keep the cover on the hot tub while it isn’t being used to prevent leaves and other larger objects from falling inside. Hot tubs also have test kits for the water, so check your chemical levels at least once a week.

Care During The Off-Season

Most swimming pools close down during the winter months. Before you put the cover on one last time, apply a winter algaecide and add chlorine to make it easier to clean in the spring. Place the cover on tight and make sure it fits securely. Drain the water level of the pool to about 4 to 6 inches below the skimmers to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. Also, watch the weather and make sure the cover and other equipment stays safe. Remove any standing water on top of the pool cover with a shop vac to prevent damage.

It’s not uncommon to use a hot tub year-round. If you do, continue to follow the general maintenance.

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Regular care for your swimming pool or hot tub is vital for the safety and mechanical well-being of your equipment. In some cases, regular maintenance ensures you can use your hot tub year-round or be ready to open your pool for the winter months quickly. For more information on our available products and services to help keep your swimming pool and hot tub clean and safe, contact us at Valley Spas & Pools in Hamilton, New Jersey, at 609-587-1772 to speak to one of our caring staff members. You can also stop by our retail space to see what we have in stock. 

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