Cleaning Comparisons Of In- and Above-Ground Pools

Clear water in an in-ground poolSwimming pool maintenance includes regular cleaning chores. These tasks are the same, whether you have an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, with some subtle differences. Common cleaning tasks include skimming, brushing, and vacuuming with pool pumps, filters, and automatic cleaners playing a role in the ease of cleaning both types of pools.

Cleaning Various Pool Types

 Strictly based on their smaller size and water volume, above-ground pools are considered easier to clean and maintain than in-ground pools. However, above-ground pools tend to have smaller pumps and fewer filters than in-ground pools, so they tend to get dirtier faster. This translates to more frequent cleanings, with shorter cleaning times shorter.

Pumps, filters, and cleaning equipment are much larger for in-ground pools, making them more effective at keeping the pool clean. With this extra assistance, it theoretically should be easier to keep an in-ground pool clean. However, even when cleaning tasks are required less frequently, the sheer size of some in-ground pools means even a once a week cleaning is likely going to take several hours.

Decks And Other Equipment

The walls of an above-ground pool are usually 48, 52, or 54 inches tall. If your above-ground pool isn’t surrounded by decking, cleaning can be more difficult and time-consuming. Trying to brush and vacuum the interior sides and bottom of an entire pool will probably require you to get in the pool. If your above-ground pool does have a deck, then you’ll also spend time cleaning this component. If it’s a wood deck, cleaning must include routine staining or painting and resealing to keep the wood from warping, rotting, or discoloring.

You aren’t hampered by walls on an in-ground pool because they’re usually level with the patio. Although in-ground pool patios can be made of wood, this isn’t nearly as common as concrete patios. Other common materials include pavers, brick, and stone tile. These materials require some cleaning, but less upkeep than wood decking.

Because in-ground pools are more substantial, you likely have one or more additional components, such as large twisting slides, water features, built-in steps, and tanning ledges, and maybe even a swim-up bar. All these features require cleaning, increasing your workload.

Skimming And Brushing

Even if your pool has an automatic cleaner, you’re still going to need to skim out large debris when necessary and brush the walls and floor at least once per week. Whether you’re brushing an above-ground or in-ground pool, always be sure you use the appropriate tool for the pool’s surface. For example, you wouldn’t use the same stiff-bristled brush for a concrete pool on a vinyl-lined pool, which requires a much softer brush to prevent damage.

You must attach the brush to a telescoping pool, which needs to be much longer for an in-ground pool. While above-ground pools aren’t usually any taller than 54 inches, the deep end of an in-ground pool could have depth as much as eight feet. Start brushing at the shallow end, sweeping debris towards the main drain.

Automatic Cleaners

Manual vacuums provide a great way to suck up debris after you’ve brushed the sides and bottom to loosen things up. Many vacuum options for above-ground pools are manual due to their smaller size, but there are automatic cleaners available that you can attach to the skimmer. Above-ground pool cleaners are typically cheaper than those for an in-ground.

Due to the sheer size of most in-ground pools, many pool owners opt for an auto cleaner instead of a manual vacuum. Robotic cleaners are considered the optimal choice for in-ground pools because they remove dirt and debris from surfaces and the water. This helps keep the water cleaner, which reduces the need to add more chemicals and decreases cleaning time.

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