Hot tub health benefits

Discover the Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are wonderful ways to relax under the night sky or socialize with friends. In addition to being just plain fun, you can enjoy the following hot tub health benefits:

  1. Relaxation and Emotional Health. It’s probably no surprise, but hot tub health benefits include helping with relaxation. The peaceful state induced has been shown to help with both anxiety and anger, improving your emotional health.
  2. Blood Pressure. Relaxation can help reduce blood pressure. Heat helps increase blood flow as your body works to regulate its temperature. Cells dilate and increase their oxygenation, resulting in a drop in blood pressure.
  3. Improved Sleep. Increased relaxation, lower blood pressure and the sound of calming waters have been shown to help people get a better night’s sleep, as well as reduce the symptoms of insomnia.
  4. Lowered Blood Sugar. The experts are still debating a little on this one, but studies suggest that regular hot tub use can mimic exercise, leading to a drop in blood sugar over time. It’s definitely something we’d be willing to try.
  5. Soothe Tension Headaches. One health benefit may include easing tension headaches and migraines. Heat and relaxation have been shown to help ease tension, while hot, humid air has been known to help sinus-related issues.
  6. Sore muscles. Better than a tiny heat pack, sore muscles have long been treated with heat to increase circulation. In addition, water adds buoyancy that can ease some of the strain from typical standing or prone positions, and don’t forget those jets!
  7. Rehab. Just like with sore muscles, hot tubs can help speed healing after more severe injury when used as part of a rehabilitation regimen. Hot water is a great way to treat strains, sprains and healing muscles tears.
  8. Arthritis. Arthritis sufferers can enjoy hot tub health benefits that include reduced inflammation, increased elasticity in connective tissue and increased circulation to the joints.

The list of hot tub health benefits is extensive and includes claims of reduced cholesterol, fat loss, and even improved immunity. While some of these claims need a little more research, it’s clear that a hot tub can benefit many people in many ways. Just remember to consult with a physician first if you have a heart condition, a risk of high blood pressure or stroke, or may be pregnant. For the majority of people, hot tub health benefits are well worth the investment.

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