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Balancing the Health of Your Pool with Your Lawn

Pool water being drained onto nearby lawnSwimming pools are a great addition to any property. They can boost home value, encourage residents to spend more time outdoors, as well as offer several other great benefits. Homeowners, who take great pride in their lawns, often wonder what effects the chlorinated pool water has on their landscape when the pool needs to be drained for certain repairs.

Valley Spas & Pools, serving Hamilton, New Jersey, and surrounding areas, specializes in all things swimming pools and hot tubs. Here, we discuss whether or not you can empty pool water into your lawn and why neither suffers overtly from the other’s existence.

Will Chlorine Damage Your Lawn?

It’s not unwarranted for property owners to be concerned about the toll chlorinated water can have on their green grass and nearby plants. Certain chemicals, when added to soil, will cause grass to look deficient and in poor health. Thankfully, for property owners who need to drain their swimming pools, chlorine in moderate amounts is not one of them. Studies suggest that chlorine has no known damaging effects on grass in small amounts.

Precautions to Take When Draining Pool Water on Your Lawn

While in most cases emptying chlorinated pool water should cause little-to-no damage to your lawn, that doesn’t mean homeowners shouldn’t take necessary precautions. It’s recommended that property owners avoid excessively draining pool water on their lawns. In addition, water shouldn’t be dumped all in one spot at once. This will help prevent flooding from occurring. Instead, break up drainage periods in various locations throughout your property, spanning several days.

Homeowners should do their best to reduce the chlorine concentration of their pool water as much as possible before emptying it onto their property. That’s because if the chlorine levels in the pool are too high then this may lead to a pH imbalance in your soil, causing your grass and surrounding plants to die. To reduce chlorine levels, uncover the pool for at least ten days to allow the sunlight to dissipate the chlorine, as well as avoid adding any new chlorine during this time. It’s recommended that you check the chlorine levels in your pool before draining using test strips. If you find levels are too high, you should dilute the water more before emptying.

Don’t Overlook Salt Water

Some homeowners with saltwater pools may think that they’re in the clear when it comes to emptying their pool water onto their lawns. However, high salt content can damage grass and plant life. Unlike chlorine, salt will remain on the grass until it’s washed away, which can take a while with limited rain in the summer. The key to avoiding this is soaking the ground with fresh water to dissipate the salt.

Professional Pool Services Offered at Valley Spas & Pools

At Valley Spas & Pools, we understand how important your swimming pool can be to your family. More than just a pool supply store, we are pleased to offer residents in Hamilton, NJ, and surrounding areas a full lineup of professional pool services. Our offerings cover every aspect of pool monitoring and maintenance and include accurate diagnostics, as well as effective solutions. Our services include:

  • Pool vacuuming and cleaning
  • Summer maintenance program
  • Filter sand change
  • Pool sitting service
  • Pool openings and closings
  • Winter watch
  • Fountain maintenance

To keep your pool operating up to your standards, we also offer advanced repair services for the following swimming pool components:

  • Filters
  • Pool and hot tub pumps
  • Gas heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Automatic cleaners
  • Cover pumps
  • Salt generators
  • In-ground pool vinyl liners

In addition to services and repairs, our experienced team at Valley Spas & Pools is happy to share with you the knowledge we’ve gained from more than 60 years of experience in the industry. Property owners with any questions or concerns regarding their pools, such as whether is it safe to drain pool water onto their lawn, should contact our specialists today.

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