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Five Exciting Hot Tub Health Effects

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Sinking into a steaming spa is a relaxing way to wrap up a long day, but there’s more to your time in a hot tub than just kicking back with friends and enjoying a leisurely soak. Check out these five hot tub health effects, and reimagine your next purchase from Valley Spas & Pools as a vitality powerhouse that’s worthy of a place in your backyard.

1. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Hop in your hot tub before bed and you’ll have a better chance at getting the rest you need. The combination of warm water lapping at your skin and the water’s natural buoyancy is calming. As you get nice and toasty and feel your muscles melt, you’ll be ready to snuggle and stock up on some much-needed REM sleep — just be sure and get out of the tub before you indulge in some shut-eye.

2. Wash Away Aches And Pains 

Hot, weightless water is a major plus for anyone suffering from joint pain or sore muscles. On land, gravity can make even minor discomfort seem harder to manage, and sitting or laying down can increase strain on your neck and back. Floating in water, even partially, takes the weight off your joints and delivers a wave of relief. Hot water also increases blood flow, which brings nutrients and oxygen to injured areas, giving strained muscles and bruised tissue a chance to heal. For people dealing with chronic pain or who work physically demanding jobs, a daily dip in the hot tub could be life-changing.

3. Give Your Heart A Healthy Workout

Soaking in hot water raises your core body temperature, causing your blood vessels to dilate and your heart rate to increase. Unless you have cardiovascular disease, in which case you should check with your doctor before enjoying an evening in the spa, relaxing in a hot tub could be the right kind of stimulation to get your pulse racing and strengthen your heart muscle.  

4. Stop Headaches In Their Tracks

If you’re prone to tension headaches, then you’ve already experienced the unfortunate chain of events that start with tight muscles and end with you curled up on the couch hoping the pain will pass. Luckily, something as simple as a hot tub can help by easing those tight muscles and freeing up trapped nerves. Calm down the spasms and inflammation and you may notice the head pain fading away. If you’re a frequent headache sufferer, look for hot tubs with contoured head-and-neck rests complete with jets that send steady streams of warm water right to the source of the pain.

Even if your headache isn’t directly linked to muscle tightness or stress, you’ll likely get at least a small reprieve from the pain while you’re sitting in the tub unwinding. 

5. Beat The Blues And Improve Your Mood 

Hydrotherapy, historically known as water cure, is a water-based treatment that dates back to ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations. Though the evolution of science has disproven some of those old beliefs — we now know that water won’t fill in the cracks and fix your skin, for instance — there are recent studies that suggest alternating between hot and cold baths could decrease stress hormones (namely cortisol) and increase serotonin, a mood-boosting neurotransmitter that helps ward off depression and anxiety.

While there’s no concrete proof that your time in the hot tub could turn that smile upside down or chase away the stress of a bad day, a soothing soak after work or on the weekends sounds like the perfect way to decompress.

Take Advantage Of Hot Tub Health Effects With Your Very Own Spa 

Improve your quality of life — and bring others along for the ride — with a new hot tub from Valley Spas & Pools. We feature several distinctive product lines, including our best-selling Highlife Collection with innovative hydrotherapy features, the spa-inspired Limelight Collection, and Hotspot Spas, which seamlessly blend quality, performance, and value. To explore your options in person, visit our Mercer County showroom and experience our incredible customer service firsthand. 

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