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How to Prepare for Swimming Pool Maintenance Professionals

Inground swimming pool being cleaned with skimmer toolWhether you’re looking to install your dream swimming pool or need maintenance services for your existing one, swimming pool specialists can help get the job done. Valley Spas & Pools, serving Hamilton, New Jersey, and surrounding areas, has a full staff of experienced specialists offering a variety of pool services and supplies to keep your pool in the best shape possible. When getting maintenance or services on your pool, it’s helpful to take a few steps to prepare the area for the specialists. Here, we’ll share more about considerations pool owners can take when getting pool maintenance to ensure the job gets done efficiently.

What to Expect During Swimming Pool Services

The process of your swimming pool service will depend on what you’re getting done, but working with professional pool specialists helps ensure it will be efficient and reliable. At Valley Spas & Pools, we offer a selection of pool and hot tub services to meet whatever needs you have. If you’re looking to install a new in-ground pool, our professional pool installation service is best for you. If you already have your dream pool, but it needs some TLC, our pool care services can offer you convenience and bring your pool back to life. We offer pool maintenance services like:

  • Vacuuming and cleaning
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Filter sand change
  • Pool openings and closings

If your pool could benefit from a visit from a pool maintenance specialist, learn how to prepare for their visit below.

How to Prepare for Swimming Pool Maintenance Specialists

Whenever you have work done on your home or backyard, you want it to be a pleasant experience for you, and also for the workers. Believe it or not, many times pool specialists will show up to perform a pool service with toys strewn all around, patio furniture nearby, and even people swimming in the pool. It makes sense how these things can cause distractions and even be a safety hazard when pool specialists are trying to complete their jobs. There are a few things pool owners should do when expecting pool maintenance specialists to make their lives easier. These include:

Clear the Area

Whether you’re simply getting your pool vacuumed or need a more extensive repair, you should clear the area in and around your pool to make way for the pool specialists and their equipment. This involves things like removing any pool toys or floats from the pool, storing them away, and moving surrounding furniture or décor out of the work area. Doing small things like these helps make sure there are no hazards around that can cause slips, trips, or injuries. Another way to help keep the pool specialists focused and free from distractions is to ensure that kids and pets are kept away from the area when they’re working.

Have Supplies on Hand

Although many times pool specialists will bring their own supplies, having the cleaning and maintenance supplies you regularly use available will provide insight for pool specialists. Sometimes, you may be able to opt for using your supplies over the pool specialists’ products to save money.

Perform Preventative Maintenance

One way to prepare for your pool specialists is to lessen the amount of work they’ll have to do! By performing preventative maintenance and routine cleanings on your pool between servicing, the pool specialists won’t have to focus as much on those aspects and can complete their repairs or services swiftly. Maintenance measures you should do regularly on your pool include:

  • Water testing
  • Adding chemicals
  • Shocking the water
  • Skimming the pool and emptying skimmer baskets
  • Vacuuming the pool

If you get behind on your pool maintenance, don’t fret because the pool specialists can perform it for you.

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