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The Saltwater Pool Benefits Every Homeowner Should Know

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Designing a brand-new backyard is a chance to create a getaway that puts all the perks of a tropical resort within walking distance of your living room. As you consider landscaping ideas and mull over the configuration of your outdoor kitchen, don’t forget there’s a considerable amount of saltwater pool benefits that could change how you enjoy your long-awaited retreat. Before you finalize your plans, learn more about saltwater pools from the experts at Valley Spas & Pools.

Just the Facts: Get To Know Saltwater Pools 

We typically think of ocean water and chlorinated swimming pools as being worlds apart, but there’s more overlap between the two than you may think. Saltwater pools are still chlorinated, they just use a special process called electrolysis to create chlorine rather than requiring the additional cocktail of chemicals. They are around 1/10th as salty as the ocean, having salt at about 3,000 parts per million.

Protecting Your Skin, Hair, Eyes, And Clothes

While chlorine can be a powerful disinfectant, the same components that tackle bacteria and other germs can also wreak havoc on sensitive skin and hair. Regular exposure to chlorinated water could perpetuate dryness, leading to itchy, flaky skin and brittle locks while some people find their eyes become irritated and red whenever they swim in a typical in-ground pool. Others are completely unaffected. If you’ve noticed a correlation between your skin issues and pool visits, you may love the softer feel and fewer side effects associated with saltwater. 

Chlorine can also have a cumulative effect on the color of your hair and clothes. It’s a bit like slow-acting bleach, progressively causing your swimsuit to fade and sometimes lending light-colored hair a slightly green hue. Saltwater has no similar effect. 

No Pesky Chemical Smells

Some people love the fresh, bracing smell of chlorine while others say the distinct aroma gives them a headache. If you’re in the latter group, you may love the almost sweet salinity that comes with a saltwater pool. Imagine the unforgettable scent of a warm ocean breeze and you’ll get a good idea of the aroma left behind after a salty swim.

Lower Maintenance 

Saltwater pools contain a device called a salt-chlorine generator that breaks down salt compounds to produce hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite. This process, known as electrolysis, produces the same cleaning agents found in commercial chlorine products. With saltwater pools, chlorine is made automatically, cleaning and balancing the pool water without the need to meticulously mix up additives and commit to constant hands-on monitoring. That said, you’ll still need to check pH levels and alkalinity weekly just to make sure everything is on track. 

Potential Health Benefits 

According to some sources, salt is a prized antimicrobial agent, helping to sterilize your skin while also working to fight inflammation — a source of hope for anyone struggling with skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema and/or acne — and possibly even support your nervous, lymphatic and immune systems. Salt is also a source of bromide, a mineral linked to pain relief, giving arthritic swimmers and people with chronic joint and muscle discomfort another way to help manage their pain. 

Pure Enjoyment

Some people prefer saltwater over chlorinated pools because of how the water feels. Saltwater is soft, silky, and almost luxurious in the way it envelops the swimmer, while some people find chlorine to be harsh and prickly. For those who struggle to enjoy bobbing around in a typical pool, saltwater presents a comfortable, pleasurable alternative.

Explore Saltwater Pool Benefits For Yourself 

Anchor your backyard with a saltwater pool, and you’ll see how wonderful it is to do laps, frolic with the kids, or simply float in water so smooth that it feels like satin. For help finalizing your design plans or to learn more about the perks of adding a saltwater pool, contact our team today. We’ll walk you through available options, discuss service plans, and even connect you with test kits and inflatables so you can make the most of your new water attraction.

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