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Top 5 Simple and Safe Pool Games

Kids With Water Guns In PoolHome swimming pools provide an ideal way to cool off in summer and eliminate the stress of public pools, but kids can grow bored of just swimming every day. When they have water games, however, they’ll never run out of entertaining things to do in the pool. A family-owned swimming pool business that has operated in Hamilton, NJ, and the surrounding areas for over 60 years, Valley Spas & Pools provides five easy and safe pool games for kids to enjoy all summer long.

1. Marco Polo

One of the most well-known pool games, Marco Polo is sure to keep kids having fun in the swimming pool. This game involves one kid who closes his eyes and yells “Marco!” while the other kids, with open eyes, respond with “Polo!” As the kid who is “it” moves towards the other players based on their voice, they move around the pool trying to avoid him.

For added fun, switch up the traditional Marco/Polo phrase for animal noises or different names. No matter what names or sounds kids use, they’re sure to have fun laughing with this game.

2. Sharks & Minnows

Another traditional pool game, Sharks & Minnows, features one person (the shark) standing in the middle of the pool and the other players (the minnows) on one side. The player in the middle coaxes the fish to “come out and play”, and then the shark swims to catch them all. Once the shark catches a minnow, they become a shark, and the game ends when every player but one is a shark. The remaining minnow becomes the shark in the next round, allowing the game to continue all day.

3. Chicken Fight

This is one of those classic pool games that’s fun for the whole family. It requires four people – two that act as the chickens and two as the bases. The chickens climb onto the bases and try to knock the opposing chicken off their base. The chicken and base that go underwater first lose. This game is also very safe because the participants aren’t as susceptible to scratches as they might be playing on land.

4. Jumping Q&A

Best played in an in-ground pool, this one-on-one game is perfect for helping kids get to know each other better. One player asks questions while the other jumps in the swimming pool and tries to answer before going underwater. As they get better, the kids can try to catch a ball as they answer or come up with crazier questions for added fun.

5. Balancing Games

A popular activity at kids’ birthday parties is balancing a balloon in the living room so it doesn’t fall on the ground. The problem is that your fragile furniture and ornaments are all around, increasing the likelihood of shattered items. In a pool, however, balancing games are free from this potential hazard. Kids and adults can volley the ball back and forth for hours to see how long they can go without it falling in the water.

Making the Most of your Swimming Pool

With these games to keep them engaged, your kids will never get tired of the pool during the summer. At Valley Spas & Pools, we offer a vast selection of toys, games, floats, and other pool supplies to ensure you and your family get the most out of your swimming pool. To learn more about how we serve pool owners in Hamilton, NJ, and the surrounding areas, call us at 609-587-1772 today.

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